Cooking classes in Sierra Foothills showcase spring’s bounty

“In just spring, when the world is puddle-wonderful.”

FARMERS ARE PLANTING THEIR SUMMER CROPS and harvesting spring’s bounty. Spring lettuces are headed for the markets. April is a time for asparagus and artichokes. Fresh local onions, squash, peppers and eggplant are expected in May and June. Here’s a sampling of spring cooking classes in our region, often featuring this year’s first harvest:

BriarPatch Co-op Community Cooking School
648 Zion St., Nevada City
April 11 Ancient Grains
April 13 Vegan Cheese
April 15 ’70s Classics: Diner Classics
April 18 Ancient Grains
April 21 Curry 101
April 25 Ancient Grains
April 26 Fresh Cheeses
April 28 Healthy Brunches
April 30 Sourdough Bread
May 2 ’70s Classics: Tamale Pie & ChileRelleno
May 5 Vegan Fiesta
May 9 ’70s Classics: Quiche
May 10 Falafel and Pita Bread
May 11 Flavors of Guatemala
May 12 Homemade Sodas
May 16 ’70s Classics: Chicken Cacciatori, Sweet & Sour Meatballs

’70s Dinner Classics
This spring, BriarPatch is featuring an imaginative cooking class series called ’70s Dinner Classics. It includes bringing back favorites, updated to include today’s artisan ingredients. Examples included Joe’s Special fresh spinach scramble, Monte Cristo sandwich, quiche, tamale pie, chile relleno casserole, and chicken cacciatori.

9230 Cypress St., Newcastle
April 27 Vegetarian Tamales
April 28 Chicken Tamales
April 29 Pork Tamales
May 13 Paella and Sangria

115 Mill St., Grass Valley
April 12 Japanese
April 19 Secrets of Spring
April 22 Varietal Comparison on Cabernet Sauvignon with wine expert Dawn Empson
April 23 Wines of the World
April 23 Sabor A Mexico
April 26 Vietnamese
April 30 Advanced Sauces, Stocks
May 3 Stuffed Pasta
May 5 Foods of Jamaica
May 13 Discover Your Wine Palate
May 14 Vegetarian Indian Cuisine
May 17 Gluten-Free Baking
May 24 Elegant Dining
May 26 Explore Catalonia
May 28 Adv. Sauce, Turning Stock into Sauce
May 31 Dim Sum

Cheesemaking with Wheyward Girl
On May 10, award-winning master cheesemaker Barbara Jenness will visit Tess’ to instruct and inspire you on the art of making fresh soft cheeses. In this class Barbara will demonstrate how to make fresh mozzarella and fromage blanc and cream cheese.

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