Foraging for flavor: Summer cooking classes in the Sierra Foothills

DURING THE SUMMER, YOU CAN TAKE advantage of the bounty from farmers markets and farm stands or backyard gardens. Cooking classes feature summer fruits and veggies.

In a popular class at Tess’ Kitchen Store, in-house chef Alan Tangren—who was a restaurant forager at famed Chez Panisse in Berkeley—shows you how to select the best fruits and veggies at the Grass Valley Thursday Night Market. “Using a recipe to guide us, we discuss what to look for, and then for- age for the ingredients at the market. We then return to the kitchen and prepare what we have found,” says Alan.

BriarPatch Co-op Community Cooking School 648 Zion St., Nevada City,
July 7 Indonesian
July 11 Fermented Foods for Digestion
July 12 Delicious Dosas
July 13 Quick and Easy Vegan
July 14 Korean Bibimbap
July 16 Homemade Ice Cream
July 18 Sensational Sushi
July 19 Nourishing Stunning Singles
July 21 Hummus Among Us
July 25 Sprouted Miracle Batter
July 26 Vegan Cheeses
July 29 Grilled Pizza
August 2 Conscious Carnivore
August 10 Milk of the Nut and Seed
For more classes, visit

115 Mill St., Grass Valley,
July 5 South Asian Vegan
July 8 Wine and Food Pairing
July 9 Wines of the World
July 9 Summer Canning
July 12 Beautiful Brunch
July 14 Market Foraging with Alan Tangren
July 19 Spectacular Summer Fruit Desserts
July 22 Cabernet Sauvignon
July 23 Bistro Dining at Home
July 26 Fancy Summer Salads
July 30 The Art of Pastry
For more classes, visit

9230 Cypress St., Newcastle,
Newcastle Produce often features wine tasting and craft beer tasting. Participants include Loomis Basin Brewing Co. and Naggiar Vineyards and Winery, among others.

Craft Beer at Tess’
Tess’ Kitchen Store now is offering an impressive selection of craft beer along with fine wine. The store has a cold case on the main floor showcasing the beer.

It includes quality offerings in IPA, Lager, Stouts and Porter, as well as Cider and Mead (fermented honey wine). Examples include Santa Cruz Classic Dot Blonde Ale from Strike Brewing Co.; Hoppy Poppy IPA from Figueroa Mountain Brewing Co.; and Voo Doo American Stout from Left Coast Brewing Co. The beer is hand selected by Dawn Empson, who manages the wine and beer programs.

Tess’ also carries specialty beer glasses and holds classes to show how beer tastes better when served in the right glass.

(Photo: Alan Tangren, in-house chef at Tess’ Kitchen Store)

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