Sinclair Family Farm for pasture-raised lamb

WITH ALL THE BUZZ ABOUT FACTORY farming, more people are looking for meat from animals raised in pastures on small farms.

The foothills provide many choices: Nevada County Free Range Beef, Coffee Pot Ranch for pork and Chapel Farm for buffalo.

Sinclair Family Farm in Penryn is the place to go for naturally raised lamb. They also sell free-range poultry and eggs.

“We’re doing so well that we’re expanding,” says Karin Sinclair, whose family has run the 12-acre farm for more than a decade.

Sinclair Family Farm sells its lamb direct, as well as at Blue Goose Produce in Loomis and Newcastle Produce.

The farm also sells its eggs there and at BriarPatch Market in Grass Valley and Whole Foods in Roseville and Sacramento. “Some Bay Area markets are itching to sellthem,
but I don’t have enough,” Karin says.

Later this year Sinclair Family Farm will add to its flock of chickens—already numbering more than 600—and it will begin selling pasture-raised beef.

The farm has about 90 head of ewes (female sheep) and 150 lambs. The lamb is popular for its flavor—not gamey—and its environmental benefits.

Karin and Keith Sinclair, along with their two children, have lived in Placer County since 1992. Six years later, their daughter’s choice for her 4H project got them involved with producing sheep.

The lamb is sold in individual cuts, by the half or whole. It is vacuum sealed. Butterflied leg of lamb sells for $8.99 a pound. Loin lamb chops sell for $14.99 a pound. Eggs are sold by the carton, flat or case. A dozen eggs sell for $3 and up.

Sinclair Family Farm
7375 Callison Road, Penryn

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