Organic grocers: The pulse of the community

“The bulletin board in any organic store is the pulse of the community. You can find yoga, massage, concert listings, bookstores, used van parts (crucial for a touring band), community political information and even lost cats.” — Michael Franti ORGANIC GROCERY STORES ARE BECOMING a hub in more communities, including the ones in our region. […]

Local Eats: “Farm to court dining”

THE FRESH, LOCAL FOOD MOVEMENT—from farmers markets to farm-to-fork dining to organic grocers—is becoming a year-round passion in our region. Our fertile soil and water resources are a real asset, along with the know-how of previous generations of farmers in our region, going back to the Gold Rush era. Sacramento has rebranded itself as a […]

New Earth Market: Yuba City’s biggest organic market

MORE AMERICANS ARE EATING GREEN. More than half say they prefer to eat organic food, largely because it tastes better and is better for the environment, according to recent polls. To meet the demand, more grocery stores are expanding their organic and natural offerings. More natural grocery stores are opening too. Last spring, nine local […]

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