Organic grocers: The pulse of the community

“The bulletin board in any organic store is the pulse of the community. You can find yoga, massage, concert listings, bookstores, used van parts (crucial for a touring band), community political information and even lost cats.” — Michael Franti ORGANIC GROCERY STORES ARE BECOMING a hub in more communities, including the ones in our region. […]

Mother Truckers, Natural Selection & The Country Store: “Local food from local people”

“LOCAL FOOD FROM LOCAL PEOPLE, since 1881” is the motto of the iconic Oakville Grocery in Napa Valley, listed on the National Register of Historic Places and the oldest continually operating grocery store in California. The foothills has its own share of country grocery stores with a storied past—most notably Mother Truckers on the San […]

New Earth Market expands to Chico

Grocery co-ops are booming in our region, from Reno to Grass Valley to Chico. In 2011, New Earth Market opened in Yuba City. The 18,500 square-foot store offers competitively priced organic, sustainable and seasonal products harvested within a 100-mile radius. Now New Earth Market is opening a second store in Chico. The 16,000-square-foot store is […]

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