Local Eats: “Farm to court dining”

THE FRESH, LOCAL FOOD MOVEMENT—from farmers markets to farm-to-fork dining to organic grocers—is becoming a year-round passion in our region. Our fertile soil and water resources are a real asset, along with the know-how of previous generations of farmers in our region, going back to the Gold Rush era. Sacramento has rebranded itself as a […]

New Earth Market expands to Chico

Grocery co-ops are booming in our region, from Reno to Grass Valley to Chico. In 2011, New Earth Market opened in Yuba City. The 18,500 square-foot store offers competitively priced organic, sustainable and seasonal products harvested within a 100-mile radius. Now New Earth Market is opening a second store in Chico. The 16,000-square-foot store is […]

Where to get fresh, local food in Placer County and Nevada County CA

“MILLENNIALS ARE CHANGING food as we know it,” writes Forbes magazine, citing a report that young adults are willing to pay more for fresh, local food and will go to great lengths to find it. Their preferences have helped fuel a boom in organic food, which broke a record last year, totaling $39 billion in […]

Pulled pork, ribs and chicken at Bam Dazy BBQ in Auburn

FOOTBALL AND BBQ GO TOGETHER: Besides tailgating, Heisman Trophy winner Billy Simms, NFL Hall of Fame player Randy White and Pro Bowl player Al “Bubba” Baker all own popular BBQ joints. Our region has its own top-notch BBQ restaurants, with their “low and slow” smokers primed for the football season. Some of our favorites are […]

Craft beer boom helping to revitalize Sierra Foothills

IN 1848, FRENCHMAN, CLAUDE CHANA, who discovered gold in Auburn Ravine, planted the first grape vines in the region. Besides miners, the Gold Rush brought European winemakers who established larger vineyards. In the 1860s, Placer County had more vineyards and wineries than Sonoma and Napa combined. Along with wine, the Gold Rush ushered in craft […]

New Earth Market: Yuba City’s biggest organic market

MORE AMERICANS ARE EATING GREEN. More than half say they prefer to eat organic food, largely because it tastes better and is better for the environment, according to recent polls. To meet the demand, more grocery stores are expanding their organic and natural offerings. More natural grocery stores are opening too. Last spring, nine local […]

Exotic eats at Sopa Thai in Nevada City and Yuba City

THAI FOOD IS THE QUINTESSENTIAL exotic cuisine. It combines mysterious sounding ingredients—such as lemongrass, coconuts and ginger-like galanga—for a sweet and sour, salty or spicy taste. It also is one of the healthiest foods you can eat, because it depends on so many fresh herbs and spices. Tom Yum soup, a hot and sour soup […]

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