Huck’s Hollow Farm: Pure crackers, pure flavor

Want crackers to go with artisan cheese? Try the ones from Huck’s Hollow Farm Homemade Goods, made in Grass Valley. The artisanal crackers are made with organic ingredients, are non-GMO and pack a massive crunch—all in plastic-free packaging. Some of them are gluten free. Owner Theresa Huck has been baking the crackers in her home […]

Sneak peek at this year’s Bracebridge Dinner menus at Yosemite

Next year Yosemite celebrates its sesquicentennial anniversary – 150 years ago Yosemite Valley and Mariposa Grove became the first public parkland the federal government had ever set aside, with President Lincoln declaring, “upon the express conditions that the premises shall be held for public use, resort and recreation.” While popular in the summer for outdoor […]

Going Gluten Free

MORE AMERICANS ARE eating gluten-free foods. Studies show that gluten-free diets can promote weight loss, increase energy levels and reduce heart disease. For 18 million people, gluten-free food is a necessity because of gluten intolerance or celiac disease. Gluten-free foods are on the rise, ranging from pizza, pasta and cookies to bread, cereals and rice—even […]

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